BB: Voting soon :-)

Hello everyone, voting is less than an hour away, we are nervous, excited and happy too! Even if you are a big fan of us, your can walk around and look at the other teams’ booth tomorrow! Just like us, they put in a lot of effort too so if you happen to pop by, just have a quick chat and get to know them, after all, we are all friends and I am sure they would be happy to see many people to support them! 

Just a few gentle reminders:

Avoid criticizing the other teams, they put in a lot of effort

Do not sabotage or destroy any teams’ booth, it took the instructors and many other people a long time to set up

Do not go around telling the teams you did not vote for them, keep your votes to yourself and don’t hurt others feelings 🙂


See you guys tomorrow, have a good night rest 🙂 

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