Supporters are the best and they are who we love! Today, our own group of supporters came down for the picnic, what more can we say? THANK YOUUUUU!!! You helped us a lot and made our day so much better, happier and fun-ner! It was a marvelous day with so many people turning up and we did garner a few votes!

Well, Mr Alvin went crazy over the photo booth thingy so if you take a look on Instagram, he actually posted millions of selfie okay maybe not that much probably billions thousands I mean. He went crazy over the singers too as in especially Karis, not really crazy, because her singing was nice, I guess we were crazy about it too. It’s sad to think that the next time we meet up, its results announcement, like hmmm time teleports that’s sad, really really really really  (I shan’t waste my time typing really) sad

Today was really job well done, and we hope in the coming days, more supports and votes would be pouring in for us!



Unglams at its finest

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