BB: Journey to now

Its 12.02!!! And voting starts! We are really excited 🙂 Yayyyyyy! 3 group members are asleep and I will be sleeping (because battery low, left 4%) after I publish this post too HAHA. Sorry if we spammed tonight, we were too excited! 🙂

So our journey went all the way back to…

2014 January: When we voted for the N.e.mation!8 teams

2014 February: The results for N.E.mation!8

2014 March-May: Preperations and entering the competition

2014 June-August (?): We were told of us getting into top 100!

2014 September school break: Pitching from top 100 till top 10!

2014 22 September, 2.17pm: Mr Alvin’s text message teliing us he’s our instructor

2014 17 November-5 December: 3 weeks production

2014 5 December: Wrap party!!!

2015 7 January: SAFRA radio

2015 Week 2: Preview

To be continued…


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