Wei Ting: Sneak- Wait, I Mean Elaboration

(Since the clips are out, this isn’t exactly a sneak peek anymore. Oops.)

Finally, my ‘sneak peek’. Posted on 17 January 2015, the day of the big reveal (to the public) and the start of the voting period. Slightly past midnight. But far too late.

Anyway, I shall elaborate on this asset:

Sneak Peek 1

Next time I’m taking screenshots.

It’s the outline of Singapore. Well kind of. It’s far too angular to be the actual outline, but that’s the point of this diagram. It has a ton of 90˚ angles (otherwise known as right angles), but not all of them are 90˚. You’ll find out which ones are which when you see our animation clip, but whether an angle is 90˚ or not doesn’t really make a difference – all we need are some 90˚ angles to bring our point across.

(In case you don’t already know, the main concept of our story is math. Please don’t be scared by the sudden math.)

I actually managed to finish the outline pretty quickly on the first day, as well as the red angles (workings). Some of the angles that were supposed to be right angles weren’t quite right angles, so I redid it a few days later. Unfortunately, some parts of it weren’t aligned in the final version so I redid it again in the last few days.

After getting the finalised animation sequence, I started animating it all in Adobe After Effects. Unfortunately, when I had thought I had done it right, the preview proved me wrong, with the straight working lines not even appearing. And neither I nor Miss Weilin had any idea why. It was a terrible disaster, but it was already past 6pm and I had to go home, needing to redo it the following day. Fortunately, I did not have to redo everything, finding a way to get those lines to reappear again, animated properly too.

Anyway, the main pun in this part is in the 90˚ angles. Figured it out yet?  😉

There’s a lot more math puns in our poem (not to mention easter eggs in the clip… I know it’s only January but you can still search for those terribly well-hidden ones from last year, right?), do look out for them here! 😀

Oh, and remember to like us here, and follow us here and here to keep up with the happenings (whether you’ll be there or not)! 🙂 We’ll try to do live updates throughout the picnic (plus preparation and packing), but some of us don’t have data plans so we apologise.

By the way, voting on the Web, Mobile, and Facebook platforms have gone live (SMS isn’t working yet (as of 12.30am on 17 January), save them for later), so do remember to vote for us, C06! 😀

Click for larger image.

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