BB: Promises

On 15/11/2014, we made a debut blog post, titled Believed Beliefs 101

Since then we have made 11 more posts. We stopped at the 12th post on 03/12/2014

We did not post anything for 34 days, absolutely nothing

On 06/01/2015 we had a new admin because I was online more often so it would be more convenient.

Also on the same day, we made our first post since 03/12/2014, an apology and a promise to be more active. 

Since then we have made 23 posts in 13 days.

We BELIEVE that a promise is a promise.

A promise is not meant to be broken,  like how a secret is not meant to be spread

Promises are fragile, we haven’t broken ours.

We don’t just keep our words and promises, we honour them.

The spirit of #NE9C03.


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