BB: Something’s wrong!

Hello everyone! If you noticed, there is something wrong with our hahtags, which probably we guessed nobody bother to care about, or maybe nobody even sees it 🙂 . For our first five posts, our hashtags were #NE9CO3 which should instead be #NE9C03. But since we didn’t want the tag cloud to disappear we decided to go on. Today I decided its time to change so here I am, after scrolling through and changing hashtags for the past 33 posts. It’s okay, I am still alive and kicking. Actually if you don’t really remember our hashtag, just remember the ‘3’ behind, or we are the third group, why third? Because lucky number MAH It was in alphabetical order.

Before I sign off, I just want to thank the spell check function because half of the time, I spell everything wrongly. The only wish I have is, stop correcting #NE9C03, it’s my group’s hashtag!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, as I have mentioned more than a million times, we don’t lie.

Signing off,


(There you go again, spell check)

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