BB: Love to everyone

Hello everyone!

The last post was deep, really deep.

It’s time to dedicate a post to the supporters out there! Hello supporters!!! ❤ Thanks for the unwavering support! Thanks to Elemonators and Millennium Dragons for giving us support be it moral or many other ways! Thanks to our teachers for helping us with the countless problems and conquering it together! Thanks to our instructors for their contribution in one way or another, we love everyone 🙂 We will do our best and continue giving our 1000% and more!!!

For those who are not sure, please take note there are actually four ways to vote which means you can vote for us for four times!!! Yes, 4!!! Even if you love us very much, please do not put all 3 choices as us, especially for SMS because it will not be counted! All SMSes are free 🙂 and the weight-age of the votes are same, so don’t worry! On a side note, your vote won’t be counted if you vote for NE9C11 too as a team like that does not exist. Please do not misuse the number, 76677.

Continue to keep the support flowing in! 

#NE9C03 loves all our supporters too!

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