BB: What’s the story?

When we first started out in this competition, we never thought we would go so far till the top 10, so to everyone who have BELIEVED it us, thank you. 

Through out the selection period, we had many doubts and to make matters worse, we were told to change almost our entire story for super pitch, we were in disbelief and were worried about our chances in top 10. We just tried our best to develop a story in 1.5 hours and spend the rest of the day improving on it with the help of Ms Yan Ting, thank you Ms Yan Ting 🙂

We knew that to be successful, we can only eliminate all doubts and replace it with BELIEFS, the belief that we can make it, the belief that we can do it.


And so here we are, with a new goal in a new year, filled with beliefs and hope!

To everyone out there, never give up, even when times are so tough, you just have to wait, slow down, re-think and you will finish it.

So when NIKE tells you to JUST DO IT, heed ADIDAS‘ advice of NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, and you can proudly tell people,

I did it.


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