BB: Beesy

Hello everyone! We were inactive for three days because we are BEESY VERY BUSYYYYYY 

Don’t worry, still alive and kicking!

Today we found some time and so we shall use it for blogging 🙂 

On a side note, I think if I ask my team mates on opinions for this competition, the two most outstanding answers will be:


KK-GOOD! GOOD! You know we must…

CN & HW-Huh? Wot are you talking about?

Soon, your will be able to catch their reactions and reflections towards this competition!

Meanwhile, for those who don’t know us well, here’s a quick intro:

Constance-Smartttt, cheeky, cute, hyper

Kylie-Blur (A lil’), good chef, SMARTTTT

Hazel-Left handed, hyperactive, got 101 ideas (50 good, 51 rubbish)

Lee Cheng-Reads, reads, reads. Oh, I forgot: Eat, read, sleep, read, breathe, read.

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