BB: What makes us Singaporean?

Today, my 8 year old neighbour came up to me, pointing to our video on his iPad, he exclaimed “I think this is what makes us Singaporean!” Pleasantly surprised, I asked him “What do you think makes us Singaporean?” He told me “When I get to play with all my friends and when we do all these [referring to our scenes]”

When I spoke to another 35 year old neighbour and asked her what makes us Singaporean, she said when Singaporeans are kiasu. The boy (who was standing beside her) shook his head.

I think both were completely different answers. 

I agree with what the boy said, going through NS is what every Singaporean guys must go through, supporting and watching a football match is how Singaporeans bond, celebrating NDP is how Singaporeans motivate each other to do better in coming years, passing on from generations to the next is how we will continue the country’s legacy.

Many of the top 10 teams featured a few scenes that are unique to Singaporeans, and being kiasu isn’t one. Being kiasu is just the way Singaporeans adapt to live and that might not always be what every Singaporean is proud of.

To us, being Singaporean is when we get together with all races and celebrate as one united country.



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