Been 7 days since we were alive on the blog. Very busy with tons of projects and tests this week 😦 . Don’t worry we are still alive, barely though.

Remember voting ends on 9th February 2015 (Obviously is this year), so remember if you only have the mood to do it on 10th February, consequences are, your vote is voided, your vote is not counted and we will be sad. On 9th February, probably in the late afternoon, we will share with your a few things we have done to garner votes, only on 9th February, warning: spam might happen. 

One thing we did not do for sure is go out to the random streets and ask people to vote. Firstly, we don’t know if it is legal, we don’t want mata to run after us. Secondly, we don’t think it was worth it, if we don’t collect anything…Thirdly, very busy so we used ways that can get a lot of LEGAL votes in the shortest time.

By LEGAL, we mean really LEGAL, or else the man in blue run after us.

And do remember to show us your support by voting for #NE9C03!




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