Before we took part in this competition, we never really bothered about how important our NRICs were, in fact half of the time when people display their EZ-link cards, they just cover their faces displaying the large NRIC numbers.

When we walked around to get people to vote, we realised many of the people who were afraid of giving away their NRICs would say that they would vote for us in their own phones, especially for SMSes. Its their privacy and many people prefer to keep it confidential then to vote which makes us REALLY SAD. But of course we did not force them to give us, it’s kind of illegal to do that, right?

And lastly, we scrapped the idea of collecting the school’s students’ NRICs,, because after all, it’s their freedom to decide who they want to vote for and we do not control their lives (Maybe we do, a little) Also, collecting their NRICs sound illegal to us, what if they report us to the POLICEEEE? We will be very very very scared.

But nonetheless, for those who have not voted, please do so!! It’s 10 days to end of voting so remember to vote for #NE9C03! <- you won’t regret it 🙂

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