BB: Supporters

Today everyone in the team witnessed a proud moment when Kylie when up to speak in Chinese. Her Chinese was very fluent and we had a whale of time listening to her speak,, FOR ONCE. Details of our activities today will be released later on.

Meanwhile, reaching out and getting people to vote isn’t really an easy task, so the next time when people approach us to vote, we will definitely not help them. We are nice people πŸ™‚ Especially when people think about NRICs,, they start having 1002 thoughts going on in their mind and in the end, they weren’t convinced to give away their NRICs. We also have a group of people who cannot remember if they have voted (HAHAHAHAHA) so they will just try and more than half the time, they have actually voted! YAY πŸ™‚

But nothing is more difficult then surviving in the top 5. We get in, and within 5 minutes, kena kicked out, which is the perfect way to describe–short-lived happiness lasting less than 5 minutes. Refreshing the page every minute is useless, trust us-your computer will probably hang–and we will probably be there laughing at you (Nah, we are not so horrigible)

Lat but not least, do show your ultimate support by voting for us and making us your right choice, #NE9C03!

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