Kai Li: Updates on Voting and Life

hi!!! i haven’t posted in such a long time haha but i’m posting today to give you some updates on the voting!!! 🙂

it’s been only 2 weeks since voting started but it has been INTENSE!!!

for those who haven’t been monitoring the top 5 bar unlike the rest of us here, the top 5 teams have been fluctuating a lot. one day you’re in, the next day you’re not. and once you get out, it’s extremely hard to estimate your ranking, and you just have to assume you’re last or you are definitely going to end up last. and right now it just so happens that we are not in the top 5 (cry) 😦


now it’s time for the update on my miserable life (cry again)

now that school has started, i’ve been super busy having to keep up with all the promoting of NEmation as well as my school work D: but I GET ON!!! the school is also starting to pile on us graded assignments already and it’s only the 3rd week!!!

but it’s okay because no matter how stressful it gets, i just tell myself one thing – HAVE NO REGRETS!!!! (okay wait i just regretted saying that) this applies to every single thing i’ve done in NEmation!!! even though i KNOW i actually will still eventually have regrets, it’s better to think positively, right??? no??? idk but ANYWAY HERE ARE SOME CUTE CAT PICTURES TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!!

remember to vote for c06!!!

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