Hello everyone! Have you seen the commercials for Nemation!9? 

The commercials are shown on TVs, Movie theaters before the movie starts, info-capsules on radio, 88.3fm and Power 98!

There are posters on different MRT stations and bus stops. 

We can tell you a few MRT station names 🙂 : Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh and Bugis and many more we guess. There are posters on a few bus stops but we can only remember the one near Catholic High School.

If you happen to catch any of these commercials but it doesn’t show our full video, you can check it out on “NEmators” YouTube channel under NEmation!9 Top 10 playlists.

After checking out our videos, do vote for #NE9Co3 (YES THAT’S US) on the four different platforms.

SMS*- SMS “NE9 WEB C3, C_, C_ (NRIC) (NAME)” to 76677 

Facebook-Just type “NEmation Facebook” Just need to provide you NRIC, Email and Name

Nemation Web-Type “NEmation” The rest is same as Facebook, please do it on your desktop

Nemation mobile-Same as Nemation Web, just that you do it on your mobile phone

NRICs are needed to make sure you vote only once, don’t worry, it is never used for illegal activities.

*Please make sure you are age 21 and above, if not must ask your Mama and Papa 🙂

Do remember to vote and support #NE9C03 

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