Equating a Singapore.

I don’t remember if we’ve told you that our storyboard was refined to make everything smoother and more perfect, but now I am sure I have (read the previous line if you didn’t get the message). In case you were wondering, this is the poem we submitted for the Superpitch:

How to equate a Singapore,
Believe in her forevermore.
When Singapore separated from her neighbour next door,
An unknown future laid in store.

Upset and confused was the nation,
Irrational, they had found the subtraction.
Those who believed were only a fraction,
While the remainder were filled with dissatisfaction.

Those who believed looked from the right angle,
While those who did not, found it a strangle.
Narrow-minded people were filled with anger,
While the rest strove to solve the tangle.

Singapore struggled with racial divide,
For there was no law people needed to abide.
As the population slowly multiplied,
People learnt to live together, side by side.

The path we’ve walked was sketchy and unclear,
That’s why our harmony is held so dear.
And every time the Great Singapore Sale draws near,
Our racial harmony is what shopkeepers fear.

Working together keeps the danger at bay,
A heavy price we shall not pay.
Belief in the unknown can go a long way,
For Singapore, our home, is where we will stay.

We thought it was pretty neat, especially since we converted our story from a prose into a poem in the span of a day, and came up with more than a dozen puns (can you spot them all?) to get it to work. Not to mention, it seriously fried our brains, in Mr Ellery’s words (it was indeed one of the toughest parts of the one-week selection). We’re really proud of it, too, because almost everything rhymes! 😀

Superpitch 7

Part of our original storyboard. (Photo credit: the NEmation camera crew)

Yes, even if you compare it to the final poem (which completely rhymes):

What’s the solution
To the SG equation?
Splitting from our neighbour was a deviation,
An unknown future awaiting calculation.

Shocked and confused was our new nation,
Irrational, we found the division.
Those who believed looked from the right angle,
While those in doubt found it a strangle.

As the population multiplied,
People learnt to live side by side.
In integration and harmony,
No differentiation between you and me.

Working together keeps the danger at bay,
For Singapore, our home, is where we will stay.
And we are still expanding our equation,
Adding to our fifty years of formulation.

We’re really happy that some of the lines we wrote stayed exactly the same (albeit having been moved around) in the final version, and we’re really thankful to the instructors for editing it to give it more flow, more continuity. 😛

Do remember to cast your vote for C06, if you haven’t already done so! We really appreciate your support! 😀

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