Making (Radio) Waves.

(Late post, sorry. D: But happy February! Yes, a month of 2015 has passed.)

A few weeks ago, all the top 10 teams went down to the SAFRA Radio Station (with the choice of either Wednesday or Friday) for our radio commercial recording sessions. We went on Wednesday (7 January) because Crystal has MSP lessons on Fridays.

Not too bad, since that meant one less assembly for us. Unfortunately, that also meant three minutes of lunch because the school has (mostly) common lunch on Wednesdays (and Thursdays, but that’s another story), and the canteen was packed like sardines. We are not cannibals so we did not eat the aforementioned sardines, and just queued up like everyone else instead.

Our teacher had booked a cab for us, so we got in and were off on our way. The journey was about 20 minutes long, so we just talked (about things I don’t remember). Crystal and Kai Li started doing their homework halfway through, don’t ask me how, I don’t know either.

Because I wasn’t paying too much attention either, I don’t remember exactly what happened, but apparently we went to the wrong entrance the first time (yeah, what?). This is getting boring so I’m going to skip to the part where we finally got out of the cab and were getting ready to go in. Except we had to wait for the other teams first so we just talked more about the things I don’t remember. We were pretty surprised that we were actually the first team to arrive, considering the detour delayed us by at least two minutes.
…what? Two minutes can make a lot of difference, you know.

Then we saw a full-size bus arrive. And wasd alighted. That’s 4 team members + 2 teachers. A total of 6 people. Wow. Well anyway, we’re friends so we greeted one another and stuff. They’re cool people. Do vote for C10 (and us, C06, of course)!! 🙂

Next we had to go through some security checks, which I won’t elaborate on because I don’t think I should be doing that. MOVING ON.
The official in charge suggested that we lounge in the lobby while we wait for the three SNGS teams to arrive. Kai Li and Isabella, having seen a canteen next to the building we were in, asked if they could leave for a bit to take a look, and perhaps, grab some food. And that’s what they did. They got ice cream. So they stood outside the lobby and ate their ice cream, together with Crystal, who didn’t mind sharing (uh, duh). I joined them outside because I felt really awkward being in the lobby without my teammates.

Having finished the ice cream, we went back inside, and the official suggested that we go up first to save time. So up we went to the twelfth floor, using one of the lifts. And therefore, if you weren’t on a twelfth floor or higher anywhere, we were higher than you then. 😛
After going through several thick doors, we finally reached the place where we would work on our script and record the advertisements. The two DJs in charge of that briefed us on what to expect and what we had to do for the afternoon, before proceeding to check the scripts we had prepared beforehand and give us tips on how to improve it.

Radio Recording 1

Writing it right.

You may think that that editing a fifteen second script isn’t that bad, but it’s a fifteen second script. For a radio advertisement. Fifteen seconds to say who we are, what our animation is about, and why the listener should vote for us. It has to be short and sweet, to the point, entertaining, and interesting. Took a lot of rewriting, but we finally did it. For both English and Chinese adverts.

Radio Recording 2


wasd was the first to record. It seemed pretty stressful, because it has to be absolutely perfect. Perfect timing, perfect volume. And they did it.
Our turn next, English first. To prevent this post from getting too long, in summary, the five teams that went that day did a lot of recording and rerecording to make sure they’re perfect, so please, do listen out for the commercials on POWER 98FM and JIA 88.3FM! 😀

Radio Recording 4

The only one of us who can speak Chinese fluently. Practising the Chinese version.

Radio Recording 6

Getting your teammates to stand within sight helps.

Radio Recording 5

Cool. But not as cold as- okay this joke has been run into the ground I’ll stop.

Both wasd and our team were done with our radio recordings, and were waiting for the SNGS groups to complete theirs so we could leave, as Mr James wanted us five teams to take a group photo together.

Group Photo 1

Well, that kinda didn’t happen. So Mr James ended up just taking a group photo of us and wasd instead, before letting us leave.

We went out to grab some food at Tiong Bahru Plaza before we left. And that marked the end of a rather nice day. 🙂

However, that’s not all for you. Remember to:

And that’s about it. Thanks for reading! 😀

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