BB: BLURS (FT. 1 of 3)


Who’s the blur one?

As promised, let us feature our first character or rather types of…

When we went around asking for votes, guess what? Being Singaporeans everyone is forever in a hurry, they will key in all their infos, and toss the computer back to us and run off.

Click “SUBMIT VOTE” and guess what?

Invalid NRIC numbers.

Turns out their NRICs keyed in happen to be missing the tail for example S1234567 instead of S1234567S.

To solve the problem we will painstakingly go from A to Z for the tail.

Sometimes, things are worse.

S123456S. WOW

There are thousand of combinations and we just spend time trying them out.

Same goes for

S12345678S, he got an extra hand.

Some show us weird NRICs, maybe the one from Malaysia? Not the PRs one

And there are the ones with S01XXXXXX 

He can’t possibly live for 114 years old can he? Weird.

Last but not least, T89XXXXXX

Singapore’s not even 50, negative 84 years old. Sir, you are simply too cool for me, or us.

nevertheless still grateful they took their time to vote for us 🙂


Keep the votes coming in faster than sound!

Believed Beliefs, 3/4 brilliant, 1/4 blur


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