BB: What am I even doing? (FT. 2 of 3)

Hello everyone! Featuring sir or ma’am 2 🙂

We shall share with you a tragic experience some or one of us encountered.

So there was this person who doesn’t know we are #NE9C03! OMG!!! Very funny because that person actually chose 3 teams and none of them were us and that person just clicked submit before we could do anything. Don’t worry we are not filming mad, just two funny HAHAHA!!! (We shall not reveal gender for this)

Then there was another person who submitted his response (He voted for us 🙂 ) He submitted then he realised he put the wrong email, he put his wife’s email no wonder the email address doesn’t seem to suit him. He insist there was such thing as an undo button and he wanted to put his email. No sir, no. “Life does not rewind, say no to careless mistake” (Credits: Anti-drug campaign slogan)

Last but not least, we have this lady who have no idea what is an NRIC, she was speechless and have no idea, turns out she just became a citizen a few weeks/months ago so she is still getting familiarised. Then, she realised out of panic, she forgot her whole email address, so we stood and waited while she figured out and her son looks like he is going to burst with energy because he have to stand still for so long, not to mention, we forgot to ask the son to vote. Oh wells, life.

So the next time before you vote, make sure you have clicked-#NE9C03 (It’s a standard)

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