Most boring blogger-admin of the year award, I am crowning myself that, so proud of myself. Anyway jokes aside, voting ends in less than 100 minutes, very little. If you have last 100 minutes on Earth I am sure you want to fulfill your last wishes. So now we have limited timing for voting, we want to fulfill our wishes toooo. We know nobody will probably ever read this except ALYSSA ❤ and a few hardcore fans, much love.

To be honest, I am very high right now, yes super high though I have no ICs like completely zero at hand but I am still siao, damn siao. Very high right now, super later I cannot sleep at night and there is school tomorrow. Maybe 20 blog posts tonight, I am sorry to all NEmation officials for the upcoming spam, but my heart cannot take tahan. PLEASE VOTE FOR #NE9C03. Not hardcore fans also must vote, okay? okay.

Feel like I just drank 100 cups of coffee, or rather the whole world’s resources of sugared drink help!!! I need votes, my team need votes, I am going to spam people for votes…

Literally so high I am walking around with computer in hand and typing blog post, ahh

Vote for #NE9C03, act now, act quick, act swift for the 3/4 brilliant, 1/4 blur BB 🙂

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