wasd: How to pitch perfectly.


So, with voting season coming to an end, thought we start from the beginning and see how we got here…

Top 100: We didn’t expect to get here. The seed idea was merely the efforts of two student’s creativity skills and 15 minutes of thought.

Top 40: Again, we didn’t expect to reach here. While other teams prepped with face paint, formal attire and posters, we just strode in. No materials. Three guys. Huge guts. BAAM day 2 was over and we got into Top 40.

Top 20: Okay, s—t’s getting real. This time, we actually went through the story with our instructors. They provided really good feedback and propped our story up even higher. We went in this time, with  slightly more stuff to say.

Top 10: This time, we went in, hopeful of the result either way.

if we stopped at top 20, we didn’t have to burn away 3 weeks of our holidays.

if we got into the top 10… well we got into the top 10.

And here we are.

I can’t ask you guys to vote any more, since by the time you guys see the deadline would be over 😦

BUT STILL, we appreciate your support.  We’ll just be here, crossing our fingers, hoping for the best.

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