Wei Ting: The End is Nigh

Hi(gh) there. 😀

First things first, I’m really sorry I haven’t been blogging regularly, and that I haven’t actually finished typing out around five posts that I was supposed to publish a few weeks earlier. 😦

Anyway, long story short, the past three weeks have been pretty stressful for us, garnering votes from our schoolmates and friends and relatives and dentists, preparing some morning assembly announcements and one Wednesday assembly presentation to promote our clip and the voting, and working on our photobooth at school to promote our team (check the hashtag #HTYPhotobooth on Instagram to see the photos!). Combine that with Year 4 work, and you get something that’s…not very pleasant. I might blog more later, depending on how much time I can spare. But for now, MOVING ON.

If you’d just take a look at a calendar/watch/something that shows you the date, you’d notice that today is the 9th of February 2015, and 2.35pm at the time of writing. Which, in case you have forgotten/had no idea of, is the last day for casting your votes for your favourite clips in N.E.mation! 9. And as an avid reader of the nemation dot sg blog, I’m sure you’ve already done that long ago, right?

… Well, if you haven’t, you have less than 9 hours to complete this task before you lose the chance forever (remember to vote for us, C06!). 😛
With the closing of voting comes the closing of ‘liking’ teams through Facebook for the likes to count towards the Social Media Award (…maybe you can continue to leave likes, but just in case…)! Have you left a ‘like’ on our team yet? 😉

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to everyone who has supported us in one way or another in this amazing journey thus far. It’s been a truly enriching experience, and to be brutally honest, I still cannot believe we made it through to the Top 40 (yeah, what?).


Thanks for reading, we’ll be back (hopefully) soon with more updates! 😀

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