BB: Over

Everything is over! From worrying about votes and interacting with the other teams, making so much friends to having known so many awesome instructors out there–everything has ended, unbelievable!

Mixed feelings-feels weird too not have something to worry about, but sadness as we end this journey. I (Hazel) wouldn’t mind going this through a hundred more times, neither would Constance, Kylie and Lee Cheng mind, we had so much fun, but everything has to come to an end and we have reached there. Turning back time was our ultimate wish, having so much fun, meeting many friends, having an awesome and patient instructor-Mr Alvin helping and guiding us, crashing koufu with Koufu vouchers. So much fun turned into memories as we say goodbye to this journey. The next thing and almost last activity is results day. No matter what results we get, we will just accept it as going through this journey is rewarding enough, much more than we could ask for.

Feel very privileged to be given the chance to join this competition and having so much fun, learning new skills and life skills, opening up, still miss the lounge. Want to thank our actors too-WJ, ZC,_,_ and Ch. 

Thank you everyone who made this journey possible, awesome, fun and so much joy!

NEmation!9!! We are the top 100…40…22…10 🙂

Thank you 🙂


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