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Hello everyone! Voting ended 2 days ago, exhausting period is over, but of course we are filled with sadness, our journey is coming to an end soon! Time really fly, still remember waiting excitedly for our seniors’ results on NEmation!8. Then deciding to join the competition in March or April, submitting our story in May. Attending top 10 selection week in September holidays, being reprimanded by teacher for not doing holiday homework properly. Getting into top 10, 3 weeks production, wrap party, start of voting and now the end.

One of the most memorable moment, going back to Constance and Hazel’s primary school, Peiying Primary School where the experience of moving from Primary to Secondary school was shared, garnering votes too. Time teleports, from being so small to being teenagers now.

Another memorable moment is making and painting our bee mascot over and over again as we had many encounters with “don’t know” HAHA okay, we don’t know what happened and why our bee was gone.

Last but not least, Constance spreading message chains to everybody in family, teachers and whoever she can find, sometimes (everytime) even sending it to us. Kylie getting all her friends and many more people to like us on facebook. Lee Cheng getting everyone to vote and Hazel receiving 64 NRICs 22 minutes before voting closes, waking her bro up to help her do half.

Doing our best is the only way to thank our supporters who have been there and helping us in times of trouble, especially our families, teachers (Mr K, Mr Tham, Mr Chan-yea we know all guys in a girls’ school), and our awesome classmates-2 Wisdom, the class we can count especially trying to get 10 tubes of black and yellow paint, helping us, staying back and not complaining-much  love to them and happiness. Never been so happy to receive so much support!

Really wish this journey would continue forever, marvelous times, people and so much fun and happiness 🙂

P.S. this blog post is the longest one we have ever made-334 words

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