Crystal: It’s All Over

Dear NEmation 9,

It’s all over.

Everything. All that half a year of hard work. All mostly ended yesterday. (Actually four days ago because Wei Ting’s editing this post on Friday.)

Right now, at 11 in the morning, we’re all feeling a bit lost with the sudden release of burden and we’re super nervous (understatement by the way) for the results this Sunday. Or maybe it’s just me. And Wei Ting. Who is sitting beside me currently.

With us spending most of our breaks in school for this competition, whether it’s asking for votes, preparing a photobooth, writing blog posts, or even just reminiscing the good times, Wei Ting and I are just sitting here wondering what to do now that it’s all over.

We’re thinking so much about the results. “Is there a possibility of us winning something?” “How did the other teams do?” “I think this team has the highest possibility of winning, no wait it should be that team?” So many theories and possibilities swirling in our minds, on who would win the prize, that we forget that the prize had already been given to us.

We have already received the best prize ever, more precious than the iPads, Nintendo DS consoles, or a fully-sponsored trip to the USA, and that is the memories and friendships forged over this half a year together. All the smiles, laughter, and joy, as well as the frustration, stress, anger, and agony, these are the memories that will be with me forever, not an iPad, not a trip to USA.

Personally, I feel all of the top 10 teams have worked very hard for this competition, and are all worthy of prize and title of the champion. Sometimes, I really feel sad for judges, having to choose between such awesome clips that really can’t be compared because they are all unique clips, and any decision won’t do the other clips justice.

You know how girls always fantasise about weird and impossible things? Or maybe it’s just me. But I can’t help but think what it would be like if we could all go to USA together. Crazy, I know. But hey, a girl can dream right?

I think this way probably because you have become something much more than a competition to me, you have become such an integral part in all of our lives.

Now that it is over, my teammates and I are just trying to remember how to face our lives again. But even after months or years, when we go back to our normal lives and you become a distant memory, I am sure you will always be part of something that shapes us to who we are going to be. This is the impact you have had on us.

So we would just like to thank you for all the wonderful experiences you have given us 😀 And that itself, is enough.

With love,
HigherThanYou (awww Crystal :”””))

P.S. HEYA HAHAH the letter super emotional I know hahah but just want to thank NEmation for everything 😀

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