The End of the Prologue.

As you’ve probably seen on the index of this website, the results of this competition have been announced on Total Defence day (the 15th of February).

We never once expected to come in as one of the top three teams during the voting period, much less the second place team. The competition, we feel, was extremely close and intense. It was tougher than wearing court shoes with a pencil skirt plus an oversized blazer. Uh, or maybe not that. Seriously, walking in a pencil skirt with an oversized blazer wearing court shoes is really difficult, and let’s not talk about walking up or down the stairs, moving quickly, and kneeling down for this group photo:

“N.E.mation!?” “Nine!” (Photo credit: the NEmation camera crew)

Bleargh. Well, it’s probably the only time three out of the four of us will ever get to wear the CCU, so we’ll just have to make full use of the opportunity. 😛

Anyway, before the Awards Ceremony began, we had to make some preparations. What preparations, you may be wondering. I’m not going to elaborate too much but some things we did include getting our hands on a CCU each, having a mock interview, and going through rehearsals on the day itself.

After the rehearsals, we were released for a break, so we chatted with our instructors, who were at the back of the hall, and we were really excited to see them!! We also hung around outside hall 4, took a bunch of group photos, some with other teams, talked to other teams and our teacher and Principal, and got interviewed by one of the radio DJs. 🙂

Awards Ceremony 4

Fun fact: the blazers are too big for three of us. (Photo credit: Michaela)

Awards Ceremony 6

The quality of our friendship makes up for the quality of this photo. ;P (Photo credit: Miss Begam)

We were kinda late for the Awards Ceremony, as it had already begun when we walked in (we swear it’s not intentional, though). We went to our seats, and settled down as we watched the event unfold. Thankfully, none of us tripped and fell on the stairs on the way down.
The behind-the-scenes videos were screened (embarrassing, they were), as well as some NE7 clips, the minister made a speech, and there was a drum performance by Bloco Singapura. And after that came the start of the nerve-wrecking section in which the results would be announced.

The Top 10 were called down one by one in alphabetical/numerical order by the radio DJ hosting the ceremony, and the respective animation clips were screened after each team was called down. From there, teams were to proceed to their designated spot in the centre of the ‘stage’, where we were to wait for all of the Top 10 to be announced and their clips to be shown.

As the seconds ticked by, we all felt more and more nervous. Even though the results had already been finalised. We just had no idea what they were. And so we stood there, waiting to hear our team name, to receive our trophy and envelope that had our fates sealed in them. Even though the fate would also have been printed on the sticker that was pasted on the envelope so you didn’t have to open it to know what it was. And also that it would have been announced in the mere few seconds prior to receiving the envelope. Blah blah blah, stop rambling and get to the point. Okay, okay. 😛

Two teams remained: HigherThanYou and Millennium Dragons. You already know the results, so I’ll not bother elaborating on that. The main point is that we were very shocked that our team hadn’t been announced (prior to being called to the front), having resigned to our fate earlier of walking away with either a video game console or perhaps a tablet, if we were lucky. We were in utter disbelief, yes we know that this season’s theme is about believing but still, we could not believe that we were one of the top two teams. Like, what? Huh? How? Did the DJ read it wrongly?

But here we are. One of the Top 10 (and the first runner-up at that). Thanks to you, dear blog reader (…you did vote for us, right?). Well even if you didn’t vote for us, we still feel appreciated. Appreciated that someone out there’s reading the blog posts that we 10 teams write. Appreciated that someone out there has decided to take some time out of their schedule to support their favourite teams/animation clips. Even if that someone out there doesn’t personally know any of us. :’)

You can read more of such things in another future blog post (yes, they’ll be our last few blog posts), how we each personally feel, because I can’t speak for and on behalf of the entire team when it comes to thoughts and feelings. Right now, MOVING ON.

After the results were announced, we had a group photo with the minister, and got the opportunity to have a conversation with him outside. We also took a lot more group photos, with our instructors, our Ambassador, our teacher and Principal, our parents, our friends, and so on. (Gotta remember this day, y’know.) 😀

Awards Ceremony 8

With Miss Weilin and Mr Jonathan!! (Photo credit: Niger)

Awards Ceremony 13

…well, we’re still HigherThanYou, our team name hasn’t changed. ;D (Photo credit: Miss Weilin)

After taking several group photos to keep as memories, we had to go back to the hall for interviews, and you would NOT believe how absolutely wonderful and liberating it felt to finally have been able to take off our court shoes after those few hours, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Once that was done, we proceeded back outside to claim our prizes, grab our belongings, and leave the cineplex, whether it was for dinner with our family or dinner with our friends.

When I look back, all I can really say in one sentence is that it was a really eventful day, and it had been a really meaningful journey for all of us. Thank you, once again, dear blog reader, for playing a part in this significant occasion in our lives. 🙂

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