One Last Time?


Damn. It’s been quite a long while. From the beginning of November back last year till now, I’ve learnt quite a bit, suffered quite a bit, and enjoyed quite a bit. It’s gonna be a cheesy post, so sit tight. If you can’t be bothered to read all these, by all means, click that “x” button on the tab. Go on. Click it. 

Okay for those who stayed- who am I kidding? I’m basically just talking to myself here. Well then, this post must still go on.  When this social medua thing just started, I took it as a joke. Who actually will give a <insert word here> about this competition. But I was proved wrong. You guys have given us overwhelming support, helping us see, even just for a bit, a ray of hope to win this. Alas, there can only one and the winners, they got what they deserved. Huge props to their video. Ours didn’t even come close.



Blazers look good, but they’re <insert word here> uncomfortable.

All the teams really gave their all, I could tell. As much as I don’t like to admit, when we were announced as finalists, the first word that came to my mind rhymes with luck. It’s like a feeling of a lifting burden, but the heavy weight of dejection in its place. Admittedly though, our video really looked more like a piece of homework by animation students than real solid competition material. 

Though we didn’t get to interact with all them teams, I am sure as hell glad to have you guys and gals in the competition with us. I definitely received a boost of energy in the ungodly hours of the morning when I saw any one of you all. 

Oh but all good things must come to an end. Indeed, this is the end of the long and tedious journey. Will Ziqing return next year as a leader of a top 10 team? Will Xun Yi cease trashtalking other people? Will Ethan start growing taller? Alas, only time will tell.

Memories have been made, dreams have been crushed. It is time to bid farewell, yes?  



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