BAMM Brings Greetings

Hey guys! We are BAMM from St Nicks 🙂  promo a bit: bigbamm4 on Insta, Twitter and Facebook 🙂 #NE10C02 – berry important:0

In case you’re wondering, we are not Big Bang (HAHAHA So lame rite, btw it’s from Shu Wen) B for Bee Shu Wen, A for Annabel, M for Marilyn and M for Meagan 🙂 sorry for the mass use of :)s cuz BEE HAPPY! gedda joke 🙂

We joined NEmation at first to send BEE out of Asia but slowly it grow on us that Nemation isn’t all about going to USA but actually learning more about our country’s Total Defense and working together as a team to raise awareness especially since it’s NEmation10!

Btw here are our nicknames:

Annabel : Bel cause its difficult to say 3 syllabus . She’s da random kid with nothing to talk about because she ‘s just Bel 🙂  She’s an exol and seventeen stan (BYUUUUUN AND JEONGHAN AND MINGYU) with many social media accounts (unlike shu wen)

Shu Wen: BEE! Happy. No words needed just BEE Happy!

Marilyn: Mar-ri-lin instead Meh-re-lyn ! Our phonics is just indisputable:)

Meagan: Muahgan the Merlion. I spat in school like the best sharpshooter because Bel went to make me choke! My face was disgusting in front of the ‘cher:(

According Ms Lim Yean Lyi from Duck Vaders, we are ANTISOCIAL but we don’t think so kay!

Follow us on our social media platforms:)

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