We are C-E-D-A-R CEDAR 3!


The name was default, and we didn’t really change it (sorry) – explains the formality, BUT we can make puns out of it!! (yay) *cough* cedar tree *cough*

Our (cedar) tree has 4 branches (we’re so funny we can’t even) – T.G.S.K.

Tanya, the unintentional leader (*coughs* sabotaged *cough*), probably also the weirdest and craziest member, and coincidentally the mom of the group!! She is constantly eggcited about the most random stuff (especially food).

Gien Lyn (she prefers GL), is the most serious one in the group. You will most likely spot her in deep thought in front of the computer ninety percent of the time. She likes reading, especially the book ‘Paper Towns’.

Shyn is the accidental member of the group (not really we dragged her into this HAHA). She is a dancer and loves stealing Tanya’s stuff (mainly food) and is with Tanya ninety percent of the time. She also has a milo addiction (she drank 5 packs of milo and another 2 medium size cups of it from MacDonalds within 7 hours :o).

Kayla is an easy going person and often agrees to everything. She is also a constantly sleepy person, often sleeping towards the later part of the day(on Tanya’s shoulder). This is due to her hardworking habits when it comes to the wee hours of the morning!


We are all secondary one students (teens yay!) You can probably tell we love puns from all this 🙂

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much lub ❤ Cedar3 :-)))) (#ne10c03)


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