SUPPP / SDOWWNNNNNN whatever u want 😀

We are Duck Vaders !!!! ((overenthu much.))

We consist of ((is that right but ok)) : Rebekah, Kerrianne, Christabelle and Yean Lyi! 😀

ok so we should probably be introducing ourselves but we are generally just socially awkward people but ok we’ll try 😉

Rebekah is the leader and she’s just really lame and she has many obsessions and she thinks she’s cool but no. She does not deserve a long description, figure her out along the way. 😉

Kerr calls us lame and weird. tsk. She likes to call poor Chris slow 😦 (which hurts Chris’ fweelings 😥 crai)  ((actually no she is slow basically everyone thinks so))

Christabelle is by far the weirdest member we have, and she is very slow. We can’t emphasize this enough as she takes 30mins to get our joke and she laughs out of nowhere. yay.

Yean Lyi is the awkwardly tall person, and she tries to pull off funny jokes as well as Kerrianne, but they never EVER work out. She is socially extremely awkward and she sounds like a crow.

ok not rly the best intro but u can tell we are rly weird hAAH ew




We are Duck Vaders and we look forward to interacting with y’all!


Instagram : @duckvaders  

Twitter : @duckvaders_  

Facebook : Duck Vaders

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Do look out for all our future updates on all platforms and your support is most appreciated! 🙂

quacks and waddles away.

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