Introducing the one and only… Rockin’ Tomato !

Sugar, spice, and everything tomato
These were the ingredients chosen

To create the perfect tomato
But Professor Xavier accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction–
Chemical T

Thus, The Rockin’ Tomatoes were born
Using their ultra-super powers
Philemon , Chenfu, and Harris
Have dedicated their lives to N.E.Mation
And tomato-ing

Chenfu couldn't make it :(

Chenfu couldn’t make it 😦



  • Joker of the team
  • Has a super annoying laugh
  • No brains, No brawns, 100% Laughter
  • Jam Packed with creativity

Philemon “LEMON”

  • Tallest in the team
  • Self proclaimed “Handsomest”
  • Aiming for USA
  • Self proclaimed “Motivator of the team”
  • Self proclaimed “Second Brains and Brawn of the team”
  • Self proclaimed “English Expert”

Harris “HAIRY”

  • Actually doesn’t have much hair at all
  • Oldest owl in the team #TeamLongPants
  • “Brains and Brawns” Of the team
  • Has achieved the “Smallest Eyes” award, reigning champion
  • Team Leader

Together, they form the ROCKIN’ TOMATOES !

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