NEmation10 ASDFG!!

Helluu we are Team ASDFG from Jurong Secondary School!!

Our team compromises of 4 members (left to right): Joveen, Celeste, Ying Ying and Travis 😀


Ying Ying: Our team leader!!

Celeste: in charge of English and fun fact, she is obsessed with ducks HAHAHA yay she likes KPOP and XFACTOR!

Joveen: the latest member to join the team;-; and the one who likes KPOP yay!

Travis: the only guy in the team._.


During our Top 20 pitching, a judge from nexus also asked us this question OOPS. ASDFG is from the second row of the keyboard 😉 Also inspired from Ying Ying’s last years group, QWERTY(first row) which entered top 20 of NE9 but didn’t manage to enter top 10 😦

We are the first group from Jurong Secondary School to enter the Top 10 Teams of NEmation 10!!


As you can see, there are 5 people in this photo although the maximum number of group members allowed is 4. One of the members joined us for the first day to support us as she could not join the competition because she is not a Singaporean. We underwent member changes which ended up with the replacement of ChungRu (guy at the most left)  with Joveen

We have to travel from Lakeside MRT Station (far left of East-West line) to Nanyang Polytechnic (Yio Chu Kang @ North-South line) thus for the 1 week selection, we had to wake up hours before the reporting time to ensure punctuality HAHAHA and we also only reached home at least 2 hours after we left NYP. However, our sacrifice of sleep paid off!!!! WE GOT INTO TOP10!!!!!


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