Team ZLS Introduction!

Hey guys!

This is team ZLS in this time Nemation  Season 10. The name ZLS was taken from each of  the First Letter of our NAMES, and we are  from Guangyang Secondary School.

Let us introduce our first group member his name is Lim Zhi Xiang and he is the group leader of our team [the smallest size one in our team too], his hobby is swimming, and during the 1 week selection he will always be the earliest one to reach and also the one that will drink lots of Milo and soft drink and also the one that keeps on complaining that he needs the toilet and need someone to accompany him when the other two of us is doing the stuff assign to us and will keep pestering till we follow him, these are some fact about him.

While the second group member is Syed Lutfi Bin Syed Abdul Rahman and his hobby is badminton, he is also the one that is late most of the time. He always look like a zombie and  always sleepy  and will drift off watching soccer match sometimes but when we need help he will come and assist us too.

Our third member is Leaw Shao Jun  his hobby is rugby but spent most of his time eating  and while doing his stuff he will keep on eating no stop and always complain that he is hungry and wants to go and eat and these are the hobby and some habits that we have.

But the three of us also share a same passion which is playing soccer and hence our team story is about a soccer match and how we team Singapore win the match.


and………This is our NEWEST Group Member

Khansa Zilfa Shofia Ghazali  and her hobby is drawing and the three of us are not really good in drawing and it is needed so we asked her to join us in the team as she also went through two pitching and entered the top 40 but they were out during the selection of the top 20 team, she also roughly knows about our story so we ask her to come along with us in this NE mation competition.

If you want to know more about our story, behind the scene and more about our team!!!

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