Preface [Spatium]

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! (not very sure if you are reading this on halloween or not, if you are not then we wish you a HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN) I just realised that halloween = it’s going to be November, and November = production so wow production is starting so soon, and we are really really EGGcited heheheh It still feels like a dream, this opportunity, being in top 10, it seems surreal. I honestly still cannot believe that we managed to come this far!

We are really grateful that we get to be part of NEmation 10 and we are really looking forward to making the 1-minute animation clip. We heard that production period is fun but we are also kind of worried because it looks really stressful and we need to get quite a lot of things done. As far as I know/can remember, our clip has a lot of things.

Recently, we were contacted by our instructors about a briefing before production actually starts, it was surprisingly difficult to find a suitable timing because long story short, Su is a busy woman. Mr James also told us about the local animation studio visit and we are really excited about that too 🙂


Now, we shall move on to a quick update about ourselves:

First, we still don’t have a ‘glam group photo’, we did not even take any group photos recently, or ever (pretty much). We also faced a shortage of photos of the 1 week selection. Hence, I (it’s Chun speaking by the way) went to watch all the videos of the 1-week selection on Youtube and started screen-shotting. Speaking of which I would like to thank all the people who took photos/videos of us because without you we would have no photos at all and you are a real lifesaver!!! 😀

Secondly, holidays started and all I do at home is read, eat and sleep, so that isn’t very productive and we might have neglected our social media accounts for a few days (?) Really really really sorry guys, we are back now though 🙂

Also, we learnt that social media is not easy. We managed to get followers on Instagram which we are, or I am pretty proud of. However, it is safe to say that Instagram is pretty much the only social media platform which we joined as a group that we actually know how to use. I still not really know how to use twitter, and it is not that easy to urge people to like us on Facebook, but we tried/are trying. 


Speaking of social media platforms,

Please follow us on
Instagram: @spa.tium
Twitter: @___spatium___
We will be sharing exclusive fun stories and facts there 😀

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook too!

Do leave a comment and we will talk to you guys again soon! 🙂

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