before everything started and we had no idea [BAMM]

hey guys! It’s Meagan:)
gonna talk bout our journey before we reached top 10 🙂
tbh I didn’t want to join NEmation at first cuz I thought it would be too difficult and I didn’t have much artistic cells in my brain. But some person by the name of Annabel kept bugging me to join, such a nice friend rite!? Anyways, Bel and Marilyn were the first to join, followed by me and lastly Bee, the best team btw! Hahaha
We didn’t hope for much when we entered the competition because we 4 aren’t the most creative people you can find on earth ya know:)
But then came along a little Bee who wanted to fly to US so we decided that we should work hard to achieve her goal:) Later along the way, the trip to US seemed to not be the point but wanting to challenge ourselves together with the quest to really understand the defence pillars became more evident than the prize we would receive……
We wanted to make a BAMM to the judges and surprise them every time we pitched, top 100,40,20 and 10. We had our fair share of quarrels and fights but we always make up in less than 5 minutes because we lub each other:) so loving rite:) hahaha
It was tiring, irritating, sad and fun at the same time! okay we are all crazy people I know!
during the pitching days we had to always hobo at koufu and drink the $1 ice milo ( its super worth it haha) and Marilyn would eat her yong tau foo which only includes veggies and bee hoon lol:) since we r on the topic of food, Bel and Bee are crazily infatuated with choco rolls and Marilyn and I with bottled water haha:)

sorry for the messy paragraphs, its a blog rite? haha:)
tell u guys more bout our journey in the next post , seeya:)

(note: posted by annabel because meagan cant be bothered.)

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