DUCK VADERS : What We’ve Been Up To!

HEY! 😀

It’s been a while since our last blog post, because we’ve been reallllll busy with… stuff. (hehe)

Since it’s been eons, here’s an update of what we have been up to so far!

On the 2nd of November, we headed over to the recording studio to record the soundtrack for our video. 😉 (hint hint).

It was really cool and dark and silent… Very silent. We even had to switch off the aircon in the room or it would be picked up on the microphone! However, overall, it was memorable 🙂 The whole experience was once-in-a-lifetime and we found it really fun, so we hope you’ll like the soundtrack as much as we do 🙂


recording! reading glowing paper is our hidden talent guys

Then, we headed over to the NEMation Production Site a few weeks later (i.e. now as we are typing this) to do some live filming!

Duck Vaders Shoot

we’re working hard for our clip to bring the best out so do support us!! ;D

Duck Vaders Shoot

filming today!

Guess who are the stars???


//hope we don’t look unglam or anything. woops.// Look out for our matching attires 😉 And our beeaaatiiifuuull faces!

We also recently set up a Snapchat account! Head on over and add us now! It’s @duckvaders (like all the other social medias).

Get an inside look on our production process, sneak peeks, and BTS (and also some really disgusting unglams) over there!

Thanks for supporting us so far! Production starts in 4 days! asjhashajkdhsfsd! We are super duper excited ok!!

Do head on over to our other social media accounts to get a better idea of what we’ve been up to!

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promo poster

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