DUCK VADERS : Our Selection Week Story!

Hello! 😀

Here’s a post dedicated to our selection week story, and we have previously shared these stories on Instagram ( @duckvaders ) but we’re going to summarise it here for those who don’t have Instagram! 🙂 Thus, this post is going to be a lot longer.

Well, somehow we got into Top 100 and we’re still very surprised how we even did it, but YEAH EVERYTHING HAPPENED SO QUICKLY FROM THERE.

DAY 1 : We ate a lot of candy, sat in a room with the Top 100s, listening to talks. We went to SAF Volunteer Corps, and we disassembled some guns there, and Rebekah ate all the food in the food pack samples. ( I can guarantee that you must keep your food away from her. She isn’t called the Sample Queen for no reason. ) Because it’s Rebekah, she was too embarrassed to get more so she nudged all of us to get more food for her – then she ate them all.




day 1 !

DAY 2 : Top 100 > Top 40 Pitching! We met really early to practice in the morning!
WE WERE PANICKING AND JUST THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED ☹️☹️☹️ A LIZARD THINGY RAN PAST US. WE FREAKED OUT AND THEN A MINUTE LATER A HUGE RAT RAN PAST LIKE WHAT WAS GOING ON ????????? Before pitching, we were so nervous, we got really really high to combat the nerves and it works!
” Do you think we will get into Top 40? ”
“idk” “maybe”

practicing in the morning! :o

practicing in the morning! 😮

TOP 40 RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT : It was slimy, wet, and jaw dropping.
it was the most horrible feeling one could ever experience.
Nothing could ever compare to this.
The contact between my arm and Rebekah’s cold and sweaty palms was never needed!!!!!!!!! Rebekah has very sweaty and disgusting palms when she’s nervous AND she was rubbing her palms all over everyone and gripping to all of our arms and she was squealing and hyperventilating. What a wild kid.

Rebekah almost fell down the stairs collecting our team’s envelope. Well, she was complaining about her knees cramping up due to extreme nerves so.

The envelope contained literally our fate inside.

We opened the envelope. inside, there was a huge circle printed on it. We were quite confused, and we figured that there were five type of shapes : triangle, circle, square, star, cross.
Every team had one of the shapes and we were supposed to see if the shapes turned green or red.
WHEN THE SCREEN TURNED GREEN WE WERE SO HAPPY WE SCREAMED and Rebekah knocked Kerr back on her chair in her elation. Yup.

the envelope

the envelope

DAY 3 : Top 40 > Top 20 Pitching! ” We need you to come up with a new idea. ”
” Say what??? ” – Our brains
It was winter in one room. Every half an hour, we had to go thaw outside. Like chickens. 2016 Team Name? Thawing Chickens. ( Can you sense a theme? We don’t even like birds to begin with.) 🐥🐔🐧🐦🐤 Before the pitching, we were the crazy ones standing outside the toilet practicing.

TOP 20 RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT : They separated the teams into two separate groups, and would announce the group that went through.

after pitching and we felt that we did really badly

after pitching and we felt that we did really badly

” omg wait what isn’t that us ”


DAY 4 : Stop Motion and Digital Animation Workshops!

DAY 5 : Storyboarding, snacking, overdose on Milo. Yup, it’s a thing now.

we're actually outside, drawing, in the haze, working at 9pm. we never thought we would do this.

we’re actually outside, drawing, in the haze, working at 9pm. we never thought we would do this.

DAY 6 : SUPER PITCH! Top 20 > Top 10 Pitching! Nerve wrecking. As our turn grew closer and closer, we headed up to an area outside the presentation room to do a final preparation.

Then, it was time.
We headed in and presented to five judges, and there was Q & A.

” What are your goals in this competition? ”

Chris : ” Um, to win…? And go to USA…? ”

The rest : ” To learn and pick up many new skills, to gain more exposure, and have fun. 🙂 ”

We still can’t stop laughing at this. Trust us.


Our states of minds were being questioned.

Yean was crying, Chris was shaking, and Kerr – well Kerr was just acting herself so. REBEKAH’S PALMS. 
20 framed pictures on the wall, of which 10 would be later removed.
We were ready to explode. So much so was our nerves that death by explosion was possible.
When they finally yelled out “ Duck Vaders “, all the breath in our lungs whooshed out in relief and happiness.
Our states of minds was further questioned. 
Finally, there were only 10 framed pictures left on the wall. 

we are one of them!

we were one of the framed pictures left!

Afterwards, we went for a catered dinner. 😗😗😗😗😗 You know how there are always people hogging the food table? That was Chris, who unabashedly consumed maybe 10 brownies.

perfect picture, super glamorous. but well, basically we celebrated. WE ARE IN TOP 10 GUYS !! STILL INCOMPREHENSIBLE

perfect picture, super glamorous. but well, we celebrated. WE ARE IN TOP 10 GUYS !! STILL INCOMPREHENSIBLE !!

Anyway, that’s it! Long post, but hope we made it more interesting with our  comments and pictures! 😀

That’s it for the sharing of our Selection Week! 🙂

Thank you for supporting us! 🙂 Production starts in 2 days, so do look out for more updates! 😀

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