Pre-producktion: DUCK DUCK GLUCOSE

We haven’t been updating much, but since production (pro-duck-tion) has officially started, it seems befitting to give everyone an introduction (intro-duck-tion) to how we went from the Top 100 to the Top 10.

Our group has one member who had been in the Top 40 (Samantha), two members who had been in Top 100 (Haziqah and Jing Wen) and even one member who has never been in NEmation before! Every day of that week was so tense for us, and it’s such a great honour to even be in the Top 10. Here are the three things that we remember most about that fateful week in September.

1) Story pitching

As our chances of getting into the Top 10 depended on our story ideas, we put in a lot of effort into developing our story so that it is not only creative, but also matched the theme “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”.

For Duck Duck Glucose, creativity was the key to us doing well during story pitchings; not just for the story idea, but for the presentation format as well! We came up with different techniques for all the pitchings, and presented our ideas through various means: rapping, reciting poetry, even reading a heartfelt letter to the judges. These methods livened up the atmosphere in the pitching rooms, which caused our anxiety to dissipate and for us to become more confident.


Our story is still a secret, but stay tuned for the puns 😉

2) Announcements of results

As we were accepted into the Top 40, then the Top 20, and finally Top 10 where we are now, each results’ announcement gave us butterflies in our stomachs. Standing in front of everyone as the results were announced, thinking of the possibility of getting eliminated definitely contributed to our nervousness.

NEmation10 Top100 -113

We’re just glad that the tense moments are over, and that we finally get to produce our videos!

3) Bonding with our juniors

Not only did our team get into the Top 10, but 2 of our juniors’ teams succeeded as well! This is the first year where more than one team from Cedar has entered the Top 10, and it was such a pleasant surprise!

Apart from the two other Cedar teams in the Top 10, there were also a few other teams from our school who managed to get into the Top 40 and Top 20 as well. We’re really proud of all of them, and this experience has brought us much closer together! Good job to all our Cedar teams 🙂


That’s all for today’s brief post of the one-week selection, and we wish everyone good luck for your production!

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