Celeste’s Reflection

What I learnt from Day 1 of NE10:
It is actually possible for me to wake up before 6am without cursing
It takes 10 minutes for me to take the bus to Lakeside MRT Station
It takes 45 minutes for me to take the MRT to Yio Chu Kang from Lakeside
The crowded bus and MRT are the worst possible places to listen to Adele’s new album
How to use Photoshop
The 3rd house rule is the easiest to read when you’re on the way to the toilet
Bread is good
Milo is good
Koufu sells hotdogs wrapped in roti prata, which is good according to Ying Ying
How to vacuum styrofoam off the carpeted floor
It is difficult to get styrofoam off your beloved jacket and Hello Kitty blanket
Ambassador Mint Leong likes the way I wrap my Hello Kitty blanket around me (when walking past me, she said she likes the way I wrap my ‘towel thing’ around me!)
Drawing tables and chairs is just not my forte
Ms Bev likes fluffy things (like my Hello Kitty blanket
Jurong East MRT Station is confusing

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