we realized something within the time we have spent working on pre-production: painting is clearly not our four-te.

unlike other groups who have been slaving away at their computers, working on drawings and animating their characters, we’ve been rolling around in paint and moving heavy wooden boards back and forth.

at the end of each day, we’re left covered in paint and exhausted mentally and physically. (30% dead but still going strong.) we literally look like smurfs and plants after painting for 9 hours everyday.

despite how messy and tiring painting these canvases get, we still have lots of fun and bond as a group with our dear instructor, ms yanting! 🙂 our tent is filled with laughter, paint and complains of having hit the canvas or getting paint on our feet.

we’ve also bonded with some of the other teams over the past few days, especially spatium from st. nicks! initially, our conversation sparked because of the exchange of various not so healthy foods. they’ve also been shooting at the area near our tent for the past few days so we’ve been talking to them in between shoots and waiting for their talents to arrive!

we have already met our ambassadors mint and colin, a couple who are super sweet and friendly! they came down on the first day to meet us and had given us lots of advice and encouragement 🙂 we can’t wait to see them next monday!

we’ve gotten closer to our seniors, who shower us with constant encouragement and care! #cedarfamily (we often crash duck duck glucose’s tent because it’s super warm there and they have chocolate c:)

tomorrow will be the end of week 1, jiayous to everyone!

love, cedar three (actually tanya and shyn)

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