Chapter 5: visitors and dEATH [SPATIUM]


Today has been a
SUper gr8 day for dying aye

Also, this blog post is the second one which is written as a team yay!! ( you guys should be glad, chun aka me is a super boring person) Su is writing with me today so yayyyyyyyyyyy

Today marks the end of the first week of production and all of us alive, but barely breathing. Nah we are all just corpses walking around and groaning about frames. You know like how zombies say braaaaaaains but all we say are either fraaaaaaames or redrawwwwww or helpppppppp or whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy or nooooooooooooooo or blesssss myyy sooouuulllllll.

As we have finished the last of filming yesterday, all we did today was draw our rough animations. Sounds so simple right? WRONG. We had to draw and redraw so many many times. (this next sentence is written by chun) As for my scene, there was a mistake in the drawing on the puzzle, the instructors all had different ideas as to how to approach the mistake, which resulted in me drawing 6 versions. Yi Zee and Deng and Su (sort of) had all moved on to polyline while and I are still doing rough animations.

Mr K visited us again today and bought us ‘fried ice cream’ 🙂 IT WAS SUPER GOOD although it is not technically fried 😛 We had to choose two flavours to mix for the ice cream AND I WAS FEELING ADVENTUROUS and decided to take a leap of faith(im from 2faith😂) and order NUTELLA AND LYCHEE but sadly they ran out of lychee :< ALSO THE INSIDE OF THE LIFT DOWN TO THE ICECREAM PLACE WAS PAINTED CANDY APPLE RED guys do u know how beautiful candy apple red is with white ;_; 



As today will be the last day Mr K will be visiting us, we presented him a token of appreciation: a printed image of Shia Labeouf and a post it note with some messages from us. He looked so proud!!

Mr K with our token of appreciation :)

Mr K with our token of appreciation 🙂

Sarah, our ambassador, also came to visit us. 🙂 She is really cool and funny and we told her(very lamely) about our fandoms and re-enacted the Shia Labeouf Just Do It thing for her. I think we kinda were too loud but its okay JUST DO IT. We actually met her a few times before today but today was our official meeting. We talked a bit about what we like and what we are doing this week. Sarah also took a few photos of our tent ITS DECORATED WITH FAIRY LIGHTS CHUN BOUGHT THEM HAVE U GUYS SEEN IT

with our ambassador Sarah! :) sadly, Yizee left early and is thus not in the picture

with our ambassador Sarah! 🙂 sadly, Yizee left early and is thus not in the picture

Momento Mori, a group from our school who was in NE8, came to visit us too. They are really cool and funny. They talked to us a little and helped and gave us advice for our animations. 🙂 Sadly, we did not manage to take a photo with them 😦 We (deng and chun) have stalked their tumblr and blog for so long it is SO COOL TO ACTUALLY MEET THEM!!!! AND THEIR CLIP IS SO COOL SO MANY PUNS!!

(the following is Su’s thoughts) Being the bad junior that i am i did not actually know my ELDDS senior was a member BUT SHE GAVE ME ADVICE AND YAY!! Did you guys know I’m the only one in the group who can’t draw(aka the one who got the easiest scene and still is slower than an old snail)

Now, an actually embarrassing story about Deng Cheng: u know how our dear deng always has her mind clogged up (by clogged up we mean in need of serious cleansing) AND THEN THERE WAS a debriefing at the end of the day and the instructor debriefing us (Mr Ellery, he has a goatee and is kinda the boss) was wearing a jacket with two zippers apparently, i couldn’t see i was going blind by then, so deng cheng with her ever curious mind asked IF SHE COULD SEE HOW HE LOOKED LIKE WITH HIS ZIPPER DOWN at the end AND IT CAME OUT WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS HAHA and her entire face was going red and tomato-ish (we suffered from second hand embarrassment too) and mr ellery kinda just pulled up his hoodie and  covered up himself as much as possible😂 and she later told us that was actually unintentional it was so funny😂😂

It is shocking how fast this week had passed, and we only have 2 weeks left to finish our animation!! 😦 (which isnt alot we realise, time pass by faster than a bullet in that place)

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. Thank you Mr K for buying fried ice cream  for us and visiting us and giving us encouragement 🙂
2. Thank you Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for your guidance and help 🙂
A scheduled thank you to Cedar3 for coming to our tent to visit us and encouraging us and giving us chips. (LOOK I THANKED YOU AT NUMBER 3!!!) They are really cool and funny and really awesome ❤ (hey look another 3)(stop being lame chun -su)
4. Thank you Sarah for coming to see us and being so cool and funnyyyyyy

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