1st Week of Production

Heyyy guyss!!

Week 1 of the production is officially over!

Our team is doing a digital animation. Each one of us is in charge of different duties. Zhi Xiang is in charge of the bad guys, Shao Jun is in charge of the backgrounds with the help of Lutfi and meanwhile Shofia is in charge of the characters. Or so we thought.


There were times where we help one another to draw parts of our assigned works after getting sick of drawing the same character/background because of tons of technical problems. Which we were actually told not to do by our instructors 😀 .

And yes, we had a lot of technical problems! This actually resulted in temporarily being behind time and took us 3 days of staying back until 9 p.m with our instructors.

But we managed to be on time with the assigned works, fortunately, after getting a good handle of the tablets we’re supposed to draw on. Thanks to the instructors for helping and guide us, though!

On Monday, we met our ambassadors, Mint Jie and Collins, and shared our story.  Mint Jie actually got to try to draw on the tablet, well, writing her name on it. See the red thingy there?

Nahh. Ignore the head.

Nahh. Ignore the head. (P.S: They actually allow us to use earphones and charge our phones!)

And it was fun because Shao Jun and Collins played soccer together in our tent.

Do you believe that?

And here are our selfies!



There were times where Shao Jun, Zhi Xiang and Lutfi played soccer together after getting frustated on their works, though. Or so called “getting refreshments” from their works. And Shofia was there, like, just working ._.

This week, we were also interviewed by DJ Jacqui of Power 98 FM!


DJ Jacqui of Power 98 FM was interviewing us!

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~ZLS #NE10C10

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