CEDAR3: 1/t(h)ree of production week is officially over!!

Cedar team with Mr Lee and Ms Begam

Cedar team with Mr Lee and Ms Begam


We’ve spent the whole 5 days slogging for 9 hours straight and it was sure tiring. BUT we’re pleased to announce that *drumroll*…WE ARE… still not done with painting😒


Anyways, since 1 week of Production Week is officially and finally over, let’s sum this week up in this post. “So eggcited!!” ~Tanya


  1. Painting is actually fun when we have the support ( lots and lots of help) from our instructors, friends and teachers even though we all suck at art


  1. Do not attempt to paint alone because you would die of exhaustion (probably after the first 2 days) and the time lapse would  look very very boring with only one person in it. There’s actually some parts with only GL in it (cause she’s the most hardworking when all of us are somewhere else oops)          P.S. teamwork is VERY important


  1. Bring tons and tons of wet wipes because you’ll hear people in our tent screaming for them whenever paint spills all over the place. For the record, it already did a lot of times (basically every hour)


  1. Tanya is an awesome roller. In fact, she’s called the holy (read hoELY) roller. (https://www.instagram.com/p/-h9cVWLDmh/?taken-by=_cedar3)


  1. GL’s the man when it comes to toilet cleaning. Even though she had been training for only 5 days. GL can probably look into a future career in that area ? HAHAH joking :p (“Call me if your toilet is stuck! LOL ~GL”)


  1. Kayla has officially lost her memory – she can’t even remember what Ms Yan Ting said to her a minute ago. And the toilet brush is biased against her – it keeps balding whenever she uses it. It apparently loves gl though -_-


  1. Shyn has awesome dabbing skills and she’s sick of seeing the colour grey. (I bet everyone is duh~)


  1. Food is essential for the survival of all mankind, especially in our tent. We have a galore of food here hoho (but most are finished whoops)


  1. If all fails, just film all 4 of us as the canvas. No one will notice a difference since we are already covered in paint from head (hair) to toe like we just came back from colour run.


  1. Although all of us are already 30% dead at the end of the day, we still look forward to the next day because we are dedicated people. yea REALLY


  1. We don’t know why there’s so many plushies hanging out at our tent but we all know who the culprit is… *cough check the instagram post cough*


  1. Green supposedly soothes your eyes but after 5 days of painting a LOT of grass we found out that it’s a LiE (tanya’s sick of green already)


P.S. Thank you to all the other teams that hung out with us despite our high level of weirdness and even higher noise level. We will continue to crash your tent, Spatium! 😂 And jiayous everyone!!

Lots of Love, Cedar<3 ( Kayla and GL)

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