We MADEit through Week 1!

(Yes, this post is loooooong overdue… We’re soooooooooooooooooooooo sorry…)

Our 3-weeks production journey has started and we’re all pretty nervous. Now, SINOSIJAK!

To start the day punctually, all teams were required to assemble outside the NYP lounge by 8.30am. We arrived pretty early [*cough* Wendalyna was on the dot *cough*]. However, as the “official starting time” was at 9, the big doors only opened then. (at 8.59 to be exact) The instructors were at the door warmly welcoming us with applause. It was kind of awkward but we still felt honoured..? 🙂 Anyways, we were greeted by the pictures of the top 10 teams WOOHOO!


Mr Ellery started his briefing as he welcomed the top 10 teams of NEMation10. We were briefly introduced to the house rules which were stuck on most of the tents for the teams to adhere by, of which one (RULE NO.7) is resented by our cosplay-crazed team member. Of course, the part that got all the teams most excited were the (prettyy attractive) prizes of this competition XD (For more information, please check out
https://nemation.sg/) The briefing pretty much ended with Mr Ellery reminding us again and again that MILO IS NOT WATER as we went to our separate tents to start on producing our clipssss…


Top 10 teams during the briefing (Image credit to N.E.Mation)

DSC_0053 (Rules)

House Rulesssssss


Debrief at the end of Day 1 (Image credit to N.E.Mation)

So we met our home of 3 weeks for the first time that morning, which pretty much only consisted of our individual tables and laptops (and some tablets that were taken away from us on the second or third day) After we settled down for some time, we started feeling the cold (It can seriously feel like the North Pole, especially when it’s raining) So heat packs soon became our necessities to battle the freezing cold.

DSC_0059 (Tent) 1

Empty Tent

Here’s our thoughts on the first week of production 🙂

Our schedule seemed quite packed at first glance but fortunately, the first week was manageable (and we would say that we are actually quite on schedule yay) We did not have to work OT the first week too!! (but we highly suspect we’ll have to next week boohoo) To sum up the first week of work, we were basically just drawing our characters (using shapes!) and animating them (simple parts only though). It was very exhausting, especially when we actually stared at the same scene for hours (or even days!) Who would have known that a mere 1½ seconds of animation takes up a full day of hard work or even more!! DID YOU KNOW THAT WE HAVE SPENT ALMOST 50 HOURS ON OUR COMPUTERS [*sobs* our poor eyes :(]

IMG_20151127_141913_HDR (1)

Our dear friend, the computer (and mouse)


Ms Beverly, our instructor, checking our work


Nicolle working hard

Additional guide provided by Ms Beverly for Gwyneth (and her duck)

Additional guide provided by Ms Beverly for Gwyneth (and her duck)

As we got more and more frustrated trying to animate our characters properly, we munched on more and more snacks, causing our stash of snacks to deplete reeeaallllll quickly. Could you believe that we spent $33.50 buying snacks in preparation for our first week of production and it is (almost) all gone? But still, those snacks are indispensable to us and are definitely one of our motivations!! Therefore, our leader has to go buy more food so as to keep ourselves from pulling our hairs out while animating during the second week and the total came down to $14.05 (thankfully).

On a side note, we never realised that there were so many female participants in this year’s competition (30 out of 38 participants are female~) until Ambassador Kaviel (of Duck Duck Glucose and NEtitanxII) was going around on Wednesday (well, after our ambassador, Fif, came and left but more on that later!) searching for male participants.

The first week has been quite an interesting week. Hope that our following two weeks will be more fun-filled and we will be more productiveee (both on our clip and updating our journey)!


Debrief at the end of the last day of Week 1 (Image credit to N.E.Mation)


BUT… Our story during the first week has not ended!! Do look out for our posts for more interesting updates of our unique experiences during our first week stay! Do also check out our instagram and twitter for daily updates and pictures 😀
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