Chapter 5.5: Weekend Thoughts [SPATIUM]

Hi guys 🙂

It’s Sunday so week 1 of production is like officially over. This week was fun, although quite stressful and my brain is currently still dead. Generally we are on task, and by generally I mean all my group members except me, which is really stressful and sad. 😥 I guess this means that I would have to work harder to catch up starting from tomorrow.

This week, we also got to make friends with other groups. We got to know most of them better, or at least got to say ‘Hi’ to all of them. The group we bonded with the most is probably Cedar3 whom we have mentioned in like every single blog post so yeaa as those of you who have read our previous blog posts and Cedar3’s blog post know, we bonded though sharing various unhealthy foods such as Cheetos and potato chips (and maybe energy bars next week hahaha) 😛 As we did filming this week, we stayed at their tent a lot while waiting for our talents to arrive. We also used their dustbin a lot because that is sort of the nearest dustbin and their tent is always open and welcoming (❁´▽`❁) We also got to know the other St Nicks groups better (BAMM and Duck Vaders) by going over to look at their tents and talking to them through the curtain thing. 🙂

Our instructors, Mr Nik and Ms Kaching are really nice and puts up with our constant noise and complaining.(◡‿◡✿) They also give us advice on how to make our animation better as well as be the director when it comes to filming. They also bought us Mentos and energy bars (<– we sort of finished like 5/6 of it in a day oops) which we are really thankful for ❤

Mr K, our school teacher, also came daily to encourage us. (*´▽`*)He also bought us food such as Gong Cha and ice cream rolls which we are really grateful for. 🙂

We also managed to decorate our tent a little. Deng and I have decided to put up one picture of Shia Labeouf from the JUST DO IT video everyday, as motivation to not let our dreams be dreams. I also bought some fairy lights and put it around the tent, making it more festive (I guess?). I also brought a Jack-O-Lantern to put some snacks because Halloween is in approximately 11 months! Do you think I should bring in Chinese New Year decoration next?

I still can’t believe how fast one week has passed, it really felt like just yesterday when production just started. I think we are still all dead inside. Su and I even had nightmares about ToomBoom having problems or us having to redraw.ヽ(´□`。) Next week, we will be doing polyline cleanup for our animation. I really hope that we will be able to complete the animation in the next two weeks! 🙂

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