Week 1 of producktion: Duck Duck Glucose

Time passes really quickly, and tomorrow marks the beginning of the second week of pro-duck-tion! Before that, here’s a summary of our first week of production.

Our video is entirely focused on digital animation, which hence involves us drawing the backgrounds and characters of each scene. Although it got rather challenging at times, it went smoothly and we managed to finish the work assigned to us in the schedule. We’re going to start animating tomorrow as we have finished all the drawings! Here’s Lynette working hard on the characters in her scene 🙂


In order to make our tent more comfortable and homely, as well as to motivate ourselves to finish our work quickly, we brought our stuffed toys along! Haziqah brought her penguin, I (Jing Wen) brought my duck and Samantha brought her Donald Duck. In fact, Samantha also brought a sweet so that we could form our group name (the Mentos represents glucose).

We even went to IKEA to buy a red stuffed soccer ball and a cushion to liven up the atmosphere of our tent!


However, someone has been putting everyone’s stuffed toys into the fridge (!!!) thereby doing our penguin a favour by returning it to its natural habitat (???). This incident aside, the presence of so many ducks definitely makes us happy!


The stuffed toys brought a cheery spirit to the NYP lounge, but we wanted to extend it further, which was why we occasionally offered chocolates/snacks to other teams to motivate them! On that note, good luck to everyone for the rest of production and look forward as we’re coming to you with more snacks soon 🙂

Even though our stuffed toys left us occasionally, we were never lonely as we constantly had guests stopping by our tent to pay us a visit. Our first guest was Kaviel, our ambassador who would help us gain votes during next year’s voting period. Despite our nonsensical jokes, he still remained patient with us, which we’re grateful for! He even filmed our embarrassing funny moments and shared the video with us. Not to forget, he was very intrigued by the trapped stuffed toys in the fridge.


Our next guest was DJ Jacqui from Power 98 FM, who came down to conduct an interview, where we shared our story idea! We were slightly nervous, but the interview went smoothly. (THANK THE HEAVENS)


Last but not least, our Cedar teachers personally came to NYP to visit us, which was a pleasant surprise! We are so thankful to have such supportive teachers who bring us cake go to great lengths to ensure our well-being. We are maintaining our Cedar spirit with our juniors 🙂

Just a heads up, all of us in Duck Duck Glucose are Level 3 students. Many people have mistaken us for Level 1 students, but we’re not!!! We may be small in stature, but we have big hearts and minds. Height doesn’t determine anything!!!


That’s all for our first week of production! Tomorrow marks a fresh new start, a fresh new week of production, so stay tuned for our next blog post 🙂 good luck to everyone for the next two weeks for production!! You can do it!!

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