Chapter 6: deathly chocolate intake [SPATIUM]

helloooooo (❁´‿`❁)

Chun heree 🙂 Day 6 of production just ended, marking the end of the beginning of week 2!

Today we continued with where we left off last week. Deng, Yi Zee and Su (sorta) are all doing their final lineart. This whole day I was still doing my rough animations. I am very happy to say that I have finished my rough animation!!! *throws confetti* yAYYY

In the morning, Cedar3 and MadeIt visited us and gave us some snacks and notes of encouragement!! (。・ω・。) It is really sweet of them, and we would like to return the favour soon (when I remember hahha oops)

A gift pack full of snacks from MadeIt!! :)

A gift pack full of snacks from MadeIt!! 🙂

mORE CHOCOLATE AND kind words of encouragement from Cedar3!!

mORE CHOCOLATE AND kind words of encouragement from Cedar3!! :3

Wei Ting (I’m sorry if I remembered your name wrongly eheheh) bought hot chocolate. IT IS SUPER DELICIOUS!! I sorta drank 3 packets but Deng forced me to stop and stole my cup because she says that it is bad for me. She is trying to control my chocolate intake but come on I’m totally okay !!!

We had a box of Choco Pie which my CCA teacher gave to me during our school’s open house on Saturday. We were going to save it for like a week or so, but we sort of finished most of the box and gave the rest away. So this is how we finished a box of choco pie today, and most of them are eaten by me. Again with the unhealthy chocolate intake thing hahahah.

With heavy hearts, we sadly announce that FUBAR is running low on water. There is a high chance that we will experience water shortage in the near future. When we first heard this news we were super shocked, I mean it is only the second week!! :0 I think we are all consuming water at an alarming rate, well, at least we are staying hydrated, right?

Deng was taking a break (a nap) and she put my spare pinafore over her head. Mr Xavier came soon after and put the paper bus that Deng made with the template on the Choco Pie box and a packet of M&Ms on Deng’s head and posed for a photo beside her hahaha

Mr Xavier happy with his decorations :P

Mr Xavier happy with his decorations 😛

We also managed to continue our sacred practice of putting up a picture of Shia Labeouf on the wall/curtain/whatever it is daily 🙂 As it has been 6 days of production, there are 6 pictures of Shia on the wall. I feel that we need to up our decoration game especially after BAMM has made their tent mORE FESTIVE THAN OURS :((((( Comment what festive decorations I should bring in!! 🙂

Wall of Shia Labeouf (。´∀`)ノ

Wall of Shia Labeouf (。´∀`)ノ

Su was supposed to write this blog post with me, but staring at the computer for over 9 hours today caused her to see orange lines everywhere. #prayforsu #prayforspatium2k15

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. Thank you Wei Ting for the hot chocolate (sorry again if I got your name wrong 😦 )
2. We are grateful for Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for guiding us and helping us 😀
3. Thank you MadeIt and Cedar3 for the food!! ❤

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