summary of week 1!1!!

Hello this is ying2 and here’s the summary of what i did/learnt/felt so far throughout this one week of production!!!🙊🙊

1)I drank a lot of milo and ate a lot of london choco roll with the white icing because it makes me feel comfortable???? :->🍫

2)i learnt how to use photoshop and how to copy ,cut and paste without using the mouse✂️ #genius

3)we go to koufu around 1.30pm as there’s lesser people!!! And i like the mee hun kuey stall (i think it’s spelt like this????) 🍲MOVING ON,

4)the lounge is like -9765°C so bringing a jacket is mandatory unless you’re like hot blooded🔥 (warm>)

5)our instructors are very friendly and funnnyyyyy!!! hehehehe they guide us a lot throughout this week as we’re not familiar to the software and the devicessss💞💞

6)our ambassador fif is very funny and preety 👀

7)it’s a  must have “sufficient” sleep before production if not you’ll feel like you’re a zombie from walking dead the next morning 😴

8)i’m super excited for the tasks of the 2nd week of the production!!!! I will feel like i’m swinging a lightsaber tmr?? 😂😂

9)please do not use youtube to like listen to music because it jams the wifi :(((( sharing is caring guise!!! 💞💓

that’s all for this week’s yingying’s summaryyyyy 😁😁 will be posting more soon!!

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