Week 1:) Part 1:)

Ayo! It’s BAMM time again:)

Sorry that we didn’t update this entire week cuz we were really too busy cuz it’s the first week yanno, supa hectic:)

We promise that we will update daily from next week onwards kay? (I noe u can’t reply so hahahaha!)

Since it’s difficult to upload the entire week’s worth of events in one post, it’s gonna be a trilogy, hahaha:)


okay, it wasn’t our first time seeing our ‘refugee tent’ but we felt an unexplainable connection to that 3D white rectangle (dk whether to laugh or cried but i think we caughed: it’s a mixture of both not a typo). Ohya, forgot to introduce to you guys our instructor, Ms Elaine yo (aka the colour enthusiast, snack addict and many other weird things u prob wouldn’t wanna know).

practically, this was our 2nd time working with a synthetic screen which is cool and fascinating but duckily irritating! btw, our ducky software kept crashing but nothing much really happens bcuz ms elaine is always like : eh! drink water and save your work! oh, forgot to mention that the pantry is duckingly nice: milo, h2o, soya bean, bottled water, biscuits, chocolate and blah blah blah……

shu wen is so into the choco oats that ms elaine tells her she’s banned, lol!:)

marilyn gets the mini drawing pad bcuz she’s late so too bad, bleh!:)

anyways our first day was just like any other first day, too much i can’t rmb anymore, sorry:)



okay, slowly getting into the rhythm and feeling the rojak feelings (like inside out yanno)

drawing background designs again and again, colouring again and again (courtesy of ms colour enthusiast) anyways, my head just hurts:( cries cries:(


that’s all for today folks, will update again tmr:)

seeya again

btw, this was written at 11.30pm on fri 271115 so it’s indescribably illogical, so ……

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