Week 1:) Part 2:)

Byo! BAMM’s back again:)


oh, post-it pads are like officially my nemesis( i’ll never look at them in the same way ever again) i blame my colour blindness due to the seas of bottled water i drank and the fact that i suck at arts

our shoulders got stiff becuz the synthetic screen was too high and it couldn’t go any lower than we needed

btw, i think we are like tracing half-experts alr (although our traces of tracing keep disappearing without a trace bcuz the ducky software keeps crashing rite bfore we wanna save so ya, u noe wat happens aft that)

we ended the day smoothly i think…..





shu wen and I got ours on thurs though:( all of us were finishing up on our backgrounds alr:) (so proud we were on time w/o a certain little kiddo that is idk where in europe:() i started on characters while sw and bel were tying up loose knots

bel struggled to draw some of the backgrounds that had to be real tat she was bonkers by the time she actually did finish

sw also went crazy and stuffed herself with milk and oats while tracing

i just drowned my sorrows with water HAHAHAHAHA

today aso marked the day the BAMM in house gym was opened ( we practically did like core training exercises because we just sat like since 9 to idk when w/o moving much but inhaling so much food that makes us fat:( we did squats, planks, and other weird ab exercise (not like we have any but hey, under the thin layer of fats lives some muscles kay!)

and there was ms elaine and mr xavier doing lunges back and forth then complaining that their thighs hurt badly HAHAHAHA!:)

oh, forgot to mention but i went for a scholarship interview and i think i flunked so sad:( i came back to nurse my sadness with drawing and tracing

looking forward to rigging characters instead to repetitive tracing 🙂


all for now folks:)

meagan gonna play now HAHAHAHA!

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